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Butte fire Calaveris Co. fire left this on the street with nothing and little help not much there on the street all year and we're down to nothing couldn't get a loan from anybody because it's not a Personal injury case theystepped up and help me with the loangive me a chance to get on my feet I had to say thank you to global financial and JW and very much

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I am unfortunately a customer of Global Financial. This company does nothing to help you out. They are rude and taking advantage of people in need. If you are considering doing business with this fraudulent crooked company DONT. They are not worth the headache I totally wish I was warned before hand!!!!! Read more

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they tell you to get additional funding to reapply online and they give you a new case number and when you do that it saids to call them to get additional information from you so I call the 888-709-1100 to do what they ask and then you get to a representative that don't want to help you or take your information so they are a big time lier and please don't waist your time I hate this company they are a huge lier and when you try to get them to... Read more

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These ppl keep calling me about a small *** loan and i never even heard of them. Then when i try to get proof of this loan they talk to me like im 5 and get immature after they cant find proof snd hang up on me. That a scam if i ever heard of one and *** poor customer service. Do not use these ppl!

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These people are so rude and will talk to you like a child. I talked to a supervisor and she treated me like I was five years old. I highly recommend that you don't use them. Five different people will tell you something different. This is the worst company and I am appalled at hoevthey treated me. DO NOT USE GLOBAL FINACIAL. THEY ARE NOT A GOOD COMPANY. FULL OFF RUFE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THEM. NEVER AGAIN. AND WHEN THWY SAY TOU CAN LOAN AGAIN.... Read more

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I should of learned to listen to my lawyer. They totally did my wrong. Thevperaon I talked to didntbknow nothing at all. They are liners and do not do Wat they sat. I would not recommend this company. There snacks. Never again

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I did try to get money on a workmans comp case about three weeks ago they never called back 10 times, do not waste your time find a rock and talk to that you will get a response from the rock before them call someone else but i never had a phone call i never had a loan with them they might be ok but it is very hard to get them to get money i think i will hope they can fix this but for now their on my *** list and will tell everyone not to waste... Read more

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JW Pugh from global financial solutions are taken customers for a ride. He was in the Tampa Bay area and has moved to the Miami. He is having the customers pay upfront or a down payment, and NOT doing any work for them. He visit churches and PREY not PRAY on persons that has little to no knowledge about mortage modifications, and take them for a ride. He never returns phone calls, and no intentions on refunding these people for services that he... Read more

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